About Me


I started my PhD at Purdue University in August 2015 and transferred to University of California Davis in January 2018. At UC Davis, I was working under the guidance of my advisor Dr. Mohammad Sadoghi. My research interests are at the intersection of Distributed Systems and Databases. In specific, I am interested in designing Fault-Tolerant distributed systems.

My tryst with fault-tolerance led me to explore the design and principles of emerging blockchain systems. I believe blockchain is much more than a crypto-currency (Bitcoin!) and can help in designing systems that can sustain against malicious attacks. With this thought in mind, I have worked towards developing new Byzantine-Fault Tolerant consensus protocols that not only safeguard against malicious attacks but also achieve high system throughput. I have also led to the design and release of a new high-throughput yielding permissioned blockchain fabric, ResilientDB, which scales several countries across multiple continents.

Prior to transferring to UC Davis, I also earned couple of master degrees. Before leaving Purdue, I was awarded the degree of Master of Science in Computer Science by Department of Computer Science at Purdue University in December 2017. During my time at Purdue, I also worked with Prof. Suresh Jagannathan in the domain of Distributed Systems and Programming Languages, and was associated with the PurPL and SIAM.

Even before Purdue, I worked with Dr. V. Krishna Nandivada at Indian Institute of Technology Madras. At IIT Madras, I worked towards earning my Master of Science (Research) degree from the Department of CSE. My masters thesis led to several publications and was titled as Analyzing Recursive Task Parallel Programs..