Suyash Gupta


I am a PhD Candidate and Research Assistant at Department of Computer Science, University of California, Davis. I am also the Lead Architect at ResilientDB, and I am associated with Exploratory Systems Lab. I am on job market and open to research opportunities in both industry and academia.

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What's New!
  • Our book titled, "Fault-Tolerant Distributed Transactions on Blockchain", is now published by Morgan & Claypool as part of Synthesis Lectures on Data Management!
  • Our paper PoE is accepted at EDBT 2021!
  • Our paper RCC (formerly MultiBFT) is accepted at ICDE 2021!
  • Working as Teaching Fellow for course ECS 189F at UC Davis.
  • End of a fruitful internship at Facebook Novi.
  • Started internship at Facebook Novi.
  • Four works selected at VLDB'20: Full Paper, Demo, Tutorial and PhD Symposium.
  • Will be presenting a tutotial at DEBS'20.
  • We are now collaborating with Radix DLT.
  • Our analysis of Permissioned Blockchain Systems got accepted at ICDCS'20.
  • ResilientDB's Global Scale BFT Protocol accepted at VLDB'20.
  • Will be working as a Research Intern at Facebook Novi in Summer'20.
  • MokaBlox (ResilientDB) received its first seed funding from DoE.
  • ResilientDB is live!
  • Presented a Tutorial on Blockchain Consensus at Middleware 2019
  • Awarded Student Travel Grants by Middleware 2019 and UC Davis.
  • Exploratory Lab got Funded by VC, reports CoinDesk
  • Brief Announcement acceptance at DISC 2019
  • Abstract selected for presentation at HPTS 2019
  • Passed PhD Qualifying Exam at UC Davis, June 2019
  • Awarded Graduate Student Travel Grant at UC Davis
  • Volunteering at VLDB 2019
  • Web Chair at Middleware 2019, January 2019